Franklin County, Maine

Request for Proposals

Engineering Services

The County of Franklin is requesting proposals for engineering services related to designing and construction of a stream crossing of the Bubier Road over the Quick Stream in Salem Township. The design and construction shall include the replacement or modifications of the existing bridge to meet the latest design standards of the Maine Department of Transportation Standard Specifications as well as the best management practices for stream restoration as dictated by the Stream Smart Crossing criteria of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Please submit two (2) copies of the proposal to:

Amy L. Bernard, MPA

Franklin County Administrator

140 Maine Street

Suite 3

Farmington, ME 04938

The proposal must be received no later than 2:00 PM, January 31, 2023.

The proposals will be publicly opened at 3:15PM on January 31, 2023, at the County Administrative Offices at the above address.

The envelope should be clearly marked “Quick Stream Crossing Engineering Proposal.”


The County of Franklin and the Township of Salem have joined together to seek solutions for the stream crossing on Bubier Road over the Quick Stream. The purpose of this stream crossing upgrade is to benefit public safety, infrastructure resiliency, and improve fish and wildlife habitat.

Project Timeframe:

The engineering design and cost estimates must be completed by March 7, 2023.

Bid and bid award dates shall be assigned at the Board of Commissioners’ request. 

Project Description:

The Engineer for this project will evaluate, design, oversee and ensure completion of the construction of a stream crossing to include, but not be limited to, the following:

Item I – Investigations

–         Review existing information

–         Topographic survey information

–         Stream Hydrology Survey

–         Stream Hydraulic Survey

–         Geotechnical Investigation.

–         Pre-design findings review with the County

Item 2 – Analysis & Design

–         Civil Design Plan and Technical Specifications

–         Structural Design Plan and Technical Specifications

–         Final design and contract documents

–         Provide preliminary estimate of the project cost

–         Submit a copy of the complete permit application materials and the approved permit from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Item 3 – Pre-Construction Oversight

–         Assist in advertising and bidding for construction

–         Provide contract documents to the Town

–         Supply contract document to contractor and subcontractor for review

–         Answer questions from contractors during the bid process

–         Attend bid openings and tabulation of bids and make recommendations on contract          

–         Prepare contract

–         Coordinate contract/pre-construction meeting with the County, Contractor and all other  effected parties

Item 4 – Construction Oversight

Contract administration during the project will include the following:

–         Review shop drawing

–         Oversee all work performed

–         Process change orders

–         Attend progress meetings

–         Schedule and review all necessary testing.

–         Visual observation of material, equipment and construction to ensure that the work is being performed according to contract specifications.

–         Interpret contract obligations, address questions as they arise, and keep records.

–         Keep the County informed of situations, change order requests, etc.

–         Provide punch list to contractor and the County of any work not completed or unacceptable work.                                                                                                                                                                                             

–         Provide support for warranty

Additional information required for this RFP response:


Statement of Qualifications:

–         A narrative demonstrating an understanding of the issues facing this project.

–         Method and approach

–         Narrative on compensation method, billing rates for related support service. Anticipated 

–         fees.

–         Names and qualifications of person in your firm who will direct and oversee work and any associated firms, which may be used. 

–         List of references related to this project.

–         Proposed timeline with critical milestones.

The County Administrator and her designee will review all proposals. Their recommendation will be presented to the County of Franklin’s Board of Commissioners for final decision.

The County of Franklin reserves the right to select any firm to perform this project and reject any or all proposals should it be in the best interest of the County.

Questions regarding this Request for Proposals should be directed to:

Amy L. Bernard, MPA

Franklin County Administrator

140 Maine Street, Suite 3

Farmington, ME 04938

Phone: (W) 207-778-6614 ext. 401


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